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I was inspired to begin creating art every day by a class I took:  "Innovation and Creativity", taught by R.E.H. Gordon, at the School of the Art Institute Chicago.

The SCOPE: Make art for a minimum of 30 minutes every day— show up and improvise. I used recycled and found objects and strived to incorporate an element from the previous day into each day's work.
The WHY: I have always been fascinated with the creative process. My concept was to explore the act of creating through play and discovery, while not focusing on the finished work.
The TAKEAWAYS: I found that I gave and received at the same time. My internal dialogue was: ... what if? ... YES AND.  What came out of my hands gave me insights into who I am. 

The project below is no longer in chronological order in all cases. These are Photoshop-free, except for basic toning. Click image to enlarge.