I have always been fascinated with the creative process. My concept was to explore the act of creating through play and discovery, while not focusing on a finished work. The work was a continuum. The final piece was finished at the end of the year - one final image.
TAKEAWAYS I found that I gave and received at the same time. My internal dialogue was: WHAT IF? ... YES AND.  What came out of my hands gave me insights into who I am. 

MY CREATIVE PROCESS, a snapshot in 365 days

I was inspired to begin creating art every day by a class I took:  "Innovation and Creativity", taught by R.E.H. Gordon, at the School of the Art Institute Chicago.

SCOPE Make art for a minimum of 30 minutes every day for one year— show up and improvise. Recycled found and ready-made objects into art and strived to incorporate an element from the previous day forward to the next day.

The project below is no longer in chronological order in all cases. These are Photoshop-free, except for basic toning. Click image to enlarge.